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High quality home building with a “Customer First” attitude.

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Chris Hall Construction, LLC strives to be recognized as a professional, ethical, and high quality home building company. Our company is committed to exceeding expectations in all areas of construction including value, quality, design, and most importantly of all, customer satisfaction.

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High Quality

We have a team of highly qualified contractors and loyal employees whom all have the “Customer First” attitude. This ensures that all expectations will be exceeded and thus earning the customers business for life. We don’t have a price range… just a quality standard.

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Industry Leader

We take a lot of pride in the homes we build. Our goal is to be an industry leader not because of the number of homes we build, but because of how we build them. We use quality products and are proud to say that most of our contractors and suppliers have been with us for 15+ years.

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We are an approved FHA and VA Builder, approved RWC Home Builder, Energy Star Certified, Certified Touchstone Energy Builder, and a registered builder with BDASI. We focus on your satisfaction every step of the way. You can be confident that we stand behind our product 100%

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About Chris Hall Construction

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When I founded Chris Hall construction in 1998 my goal was to be one of the best builders in the area. My goal was never and is still not to be the largest organization in the area. I take on only those projects that I can personally supervise. And so, when you build with my company, you build with me. I work very closely with each building customer to assure them the highest level of personal attention and satisfaction. Here’s a little background on me:

I am 41 years old, the proud father of 2 beautiful children of 11 and 15, and am happily married to Andrea, my wife of 19 years. I was born and raised in Southern Indiana where my father was a home builder himself. I guess this is where my itch to build homes came from.

I began this business as a child doing clean up on my dad’s jobsites, then in high school became a part time employee for my father’s firm. Upon graduating high school I participated in the management of his company and began to branch out on my own by building a few spec homes. With the success of their sales, my father soon retired and my business grew to where it is today.

With my small company I am able to be involved in all aspects of the building process, all of which I enjoy, as I am able to personally design a home, price it, and them manage the contractors and suppliers to turn the drawing into a beautiful home. By keeping my overhead low, and my personal involvement high, I am able to produce a very high quality home, at a good value.

I believe a successful builder today has to be both a good business man, and a knowledgeable construction supervisor, and do both with integrity. Many builders talk about “quality”, but the finished product and the satisfied customer are the only true measurement of whether or not the builder truly delivered a quality home. If you talk to my suppliers and subcontractors they will say I am demanding, with a very high quality and service expectation, but that I always treat them fairly. If you talk to my banker, he will vouch for how I have run the financial side of my business over the years. I am sure that if you talk to my customers, they can back all of these words up with their personal experiences they have had with both me and my company.

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